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Redolent with rich earthy tones, the Spring 2007 collection from Donna Karan, presented Friday at New York Fashion Week, married flowy 1970s womanhood with Roman-inspired influences. Composed of army green, sandy shades, and batik-like patterns, Karan's loose, toga-style dresses were given structure by skinny belts, metal-ring details, and gladiator sandals. Most notably, this was one of the few collections that actually seemed as if it would look better on real, curvy women than on super-skinny models. The line was a flattering and refreshing twist on sophisticated women's wear.  This article was found at .

I wanted to start of this blog with an article about Donna Karan's runway show that she debuted in 2007.  When looking for designers who were inspired by Greek and Roman fashion she seems to be one that always comes to mind.  She keeps her designs relatively simple like the Romans did and stays true to her influences. When the editor of Elle Magazine wrote this review about the spring clothing line I think they were spot on with their use of terms that we all would understand since we are in the Greek and Roman art history class.

Here is another article I found that talks about Greek and Roman inspired clothing and how women should not be afraid to try the style.

Goddess Dresses are Glamorous at Any Age

Layered drapes and soft pleating gives a sense of floaty femininity. This is good news for women with a fuller figure as styles vary enough to suit all body types. Soft, front draping is ideal for concealing a fatter tummy and big hips and will gently skim the stomach area, hiding those bits which you don't want on show!
An ideal style for pregnant women who can for once, look right on trend. Goddess dressing is also one of the few current fashion favorites which are just as flattering at fifty as at twenty-five, given a well-chosen style. On 7th January 2008 Katie Holmes was pictured in a shimmering, silk goddess dress, at the 13th Critics Choice Awards in Santa Monica. Looking every inch the movie star, her Lanvin one-shoulder gown was reminiscent of the glamor of Hollywood’s golden age.

One-Shoulder Trend Spring 2008

Women who follow fashion will be baring more skin than ever this year. In deference to the ancient Greeks and Romans, one-shoulder numbers are favored by many designers.
Mismatched shoulders are also set to be a big hit for spring, featured in the majority of the new asymmetry styles. Asymmetric tunics, tops and dresses, even swimwear, get the one –shoulder treatment this year.
"One-shoulder dresses are something every woman should probably have in her closet this season," says Jenn Falk, First Coast News fashion expert, in the 1st January 2008 article “Off the shoulder a big hit in 2008.”

Who Can Wear a Toga Dress?

Whether all types of women can carry off the toga remains to be seen. Most willowy, curvy women will look sensational in a one-shouldered, clinch-waisted, maxi length Grecian frock. Shorter women, however, may feel more like a sack of potatoes than a goddess.
There is also one other catch. In Elle magazine's online style report, “the World upon her shoulders”, its editors report that, with one-shoulder dressing being prevalent this season, “it's becoming clear that perfect posture will be an absolute necessity."
However, whatever your shape, posture, age or size, there are so many dress styles to choose from this season and the influences of ancient Greece and Rome currently hitting our high-street stores are only one shoulder away!
As you can see Greek and Roman fashion is every where today and people are even discussing the types of bodies these styles look best on, and from what I have read ( and personal experience) they really look great on anyone.  I'm sure that's exactly what the Greek and Roman women were thinking hahaha! 
Now for the more frugal shopper I have an article about Vera Wang's clothing line that dropped into Kohl's stores all around the country in 2008. Enjoy!

Vera Wang's Roman-Inspired Clothes

By: Jill Scott
The ethereal princess, the Greek goddess, but with a playful modern flair.

Vera Wang just launched a new collection for Kohl's, which is a nice addition to her empire, but it was the Roman Empire that took center stage at fashion week as she unveiled her Spring 2008 collection.

"What I love about ancient Rome was the people, the vibrance of the colors and the society," Wang said. "It's multicultural and there was different kinds of people living there and they wore these incredible colors and that was the departing point for me for spring."

Tunics, togas and featherweight tees. Relaxed silhouettes that are artfully cut and draped to evoke an air of seduction and sophistication. Voluminous fabric and textures fuse together to create dramatic proportion, with ornamental finishes that are as bountiful as a Roman feast.

Once you enter Vera Wang's temple, you're sure to become a pillar of elegance and style.

Lastly, I will end this blog with a brief tutorial on how to make your own toga out of a curtain or sheet if you decide that is what you want to do. Enjoy!

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